About Equipments:Edit

Equipments have two functions. One, to increase the stats of your character. Two, for aesthetics*.

To "Equip" an equipment the necessary "Capacity" is required. There are three different capacities that is responsible for the type of equipment that can be equipped: Arms (Up Atk), Armor (Up Def), Spirit (Up Bst).

  • Arms is responsible for equiping Weapon.
  • Armor is responsible for equiping Armor.
  • Spirit is responsible for equiping Familiar.

Only the capacity responsible for the equipment will be used in deciding whether an equipment can be worn.    ie. Putting points into Arms will NOT allow you to equip Familiars since Spirit is the capacity needed.

Capacity is gained by leveling up. Amount gained is 3 capacity.

*Sub Equiping an item will not give you its aesthetics.

Sub EquipEdit

Just like Equip, Sub Equip will wear the equipment, given that you have enough capacity, increasing your stats. You can Sub Equip up to 6 slots of equipments per different capacity (The amounts of slots increase as you level past 150).

You CANNOT Sub Equip any equipments past the Total Arms Capacity. But you can equip up to 6 extra equipments so long as the Total Arms Capacity is not exceeded.

ie. You have 50 Arms, your weapon takes up 20 of the 50, leaving only 30 left. The remaining 30 can be used for Sub Equip.

Equipment TypesEdit

  • Weapon: Provides Attack and Magic Attack stats.
  • Armor: Provides Defense  and Resistance.
  • Familiar: Provides Magic Attack  and Resistance.