Mission Event Edit

Mission events are where you send your familiar on missions to various regions to collect crystals(not the currency you can purchase through spending your own). There are four regions to send your familiar to. Each region only has one color crystal for you to obtain. For this event, there are personal rewards and guild rewards. Every crystal you collects adds to your collection of that color crystal for the event and allow to their guild collection as in collecting 33 red crystals earns yourself 33 red crystals and the guild total 33 red crystals.

Regions and Crystals Edit

  • Volcano - Red Crystals
  • Desert - Yellow Crystals
  • Tundra - Blue Crystals
  • Forest - Green Crystals

Tips Edit

Here is some advice to help your maximize your crystal gain without spending:

  • Have everyone in the guild send their familiars to the same region. With everyone sending to the same region, everyone will be able to find more crystals than they usually do with everyone divided.
  • Use mystic or holy waters for more crystals. Hourglasses(not the green event one that requires money to use) are better if you can check in every hour but they are best saved for guild battles.
  • Try to check in every 8 hours if you can to send your familiar on another mission.