Basic Information Edit

An event which the player hunts "Hopes." By defeating Hopes in the Hunt Menu, the player gains points. When the point total reaches a certain value, the player will be awarded with rewards. The higher the player's point total the better the rewards. Point total also determines the players Ranking in the event. The higher your points the higher your rank. High ranking players are awarded ranking rewards at the end of the event. These awards, both point accumulation and ranking, range from unique event-only Equipments to Keys for summoning or to gold.

Hope Information Edit

Bronze Hope - Awards 1 point, 90% chance to defeat

Silver Hope - Awards 5 points, 70% chance to defeat

Gold Hope - Awards 10 points, 30% chance to defeat

Platinum Hope - Awards 70 points, 10% chance to defeat

Tips Edit

Here is a few tips on how to do well for these events without spending money.

  • Avoid attacking the Platinum Hopes without a goddess blessing because of their low chance to defeat rate so that you can get 70 points that they are worth.
  • Try to be as active as possible because you want to slay as many Hopes as you can so if you can, try checking in every 30 minutes to slay 15 monsters.
  • Use fairy ocarinas, maybe during goddess blessings, to summon more monsters help too because the more you find, the more hope you get to slay.