You can earn experience by hunting monsters. Monsters will sometimes drop summoning keys, equipment or gold when defeated. A monster will spawn every two minutes as long as fewer than 15 are present. 15 new monsters will also spawn when you level up.

Boss Monsters: Edit

Boss monsters appear after hunting 200 monster after defeating one or 30 if the attempt failed. Defeating one awards a greater amount of experience and gold, as well as 30 CP for yourself and 5 CP for your allies. Edit

Hunting Items: Edit

Blessing of the Goddess: Edit

Using this grants all guildmates a 100% win rate against monsters for 10 minutes. This applies to bosses too, so timing can be coordinated with allies in order to maximize CP recovery for everyone.

When triggered, the combat background changes to a picture of the goddess and the menu turns from blue to golden.

Fairy Ocarina: Edit

Using this summons 15 monsters, up to a maximum of 999 total.